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  • Bedrooms (single and double)

  • Bedding and towels

  • Basic food covered 

  • House phone

  • Internet

  • Weekly NA/AA (in-house)

  • Weekly spiritual program

  • Reference for Mental Health, Job searches

  • Cook out and social events

  • 101 club membership

Walking distance


  • Wichita City Building and Courthouse

  • Sedgwick County Building and Courthouse

  • Community Corrections 905 N. Main

  • Outpatient treatment centers

  • Hunter health clinic

  • Human Kind 

  • YMCA downtown

  • Restaurants/food and convenience stores

  • Bus routes

  • St. Francis Hospital

Sunset Reading

Spiritual awakening


We had a realization that God could return us to sanity. We choose the next step in recovery let us help you connect to the world, your family, and your new life.

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