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Main Place
1061 N. Main
Wichita, KS 67203
Wellington Place
2004 N. Wellington Place
Wichita, KS 67203


Welcome to Connections

Connections houses are recovery residences for those suffering from addictions to alcohol and/or drugs - that are ready to make an active committment to sobriety. A place to get on your feet and put your life together in a positive way for you and your family. Your success if not based solely on stopping the usage of drugs or alcohol. Returning to the same environment you "used" in, that has the same challenges and stressers can negatively affect your progress. Here you can recover by creating a new life by learning to deal with these stressers and challenges in ways that are possitive and promote a peaceful life.

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Amenities provided at Connections houses:​​
​     1. Bedroom (single or double)
     2. Bedding/towels
     3. Basic food
     4. Internet
     5. House phone
     6. Weekly NA/AA (in-house)
     7. Weekly Spiritual 
     8. Support from others
     9. References for mental health, job            searches
     10. Cookouts, special social events
     11. Other resources for success



Connection House

Connections house living room

Wind down, relax, and find solace and peace to work on your recovery. 


Connections House (Main Street)

A great place to BBQ and unwind watch each day.

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